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CITY College, ˿Ƶ Europe Campus

A major strategic investment between the ˿Ƶ and CITY College, Thessaloniki.

Together we'll co-develop new programmes across European regions, establish joint research and supervision opportunities, develop new staff exchanges and student work or study abroad placements, and share access such as library resources.

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Amy Middleton
Strategic Partnerships Officer


The  strives to create an inclusive international community which contributes to the public good.

We want to advance the development of people and societies in the region, and connect academics, research, government and corporate networks to create and share new knowledge and opportunities for all.

Further details about the collaboration with CITY College can be found in the Europe Campus public statement (PDF , 54kb) 

New strategic partnership with the Romanian-American ˿Ƶ

CITY College, ˿Ƶ Europe Campus launches new strategic partnership with the Romanian-American ˿Ƶ.

Celebrating three years of the CITY College partnership


from over 50 countries enrolled since 2020.


awarded degrees from the ˿Ƶ.

programmes validated

leading to ˿Ƶ awards.

  • Our 49 validated programmes include specialisations which provide students with opportunities to pursue their specific interests.
  • We've hosted 10 study schools and conferences between the ˿Ƶ and CITY College, including MBA study weeks, spring and summer schools, postgraduate research conferences and a student spring symposium.
  • Since 2020, CITY College, ˿Ƶ Europe Campus has grown to partner with four select quality European Institutions. 
  • The ˿Ƶ has awarded 10 PhD fee-waiver scholarships.

˿Ƶ with us

CITY College offers undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA programmes, leading to ˿Ƶ degrees across a range of subject areas, including:

  • Business Administration and Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities
  • Psychology

CITY College, ˿Ƶ Europe Campus and the ˿Ƶ have also partnered with the , , and for the delivery of a selection of degree programmes across the South Eastern European Region.

Along with CITY College’s research centre, the South-East European Research Centre (SEERC), the ˿Ƶ is offering a PhD degree that combines high-quality UK studies and a unique research infrastructure in South-East Europe. 

Summer programmes

As part of our partnership, we began offering summer programmes for students in 2022, in York and Thessaloniki.

In addition, we offer school programmes throughout the year for students and staff from Karazin Kharkiv National ˿Ƶ (KKNU) as part of our .

CITY College spring and summer programmes