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Postgraduate subjects

Browse our courses by subject to find your passion.

Choose the subject you're passionate about and discover the postgraduate courses you can start studying in 2024.

With over 30 subject areas, spanning three faculties, we've got almost 200 taught Masters courses to choose from.

Arts and Humanities subjects

Immerse yourself in a world where imagination knows no bounds. Create, innovate and explore the intersection of history, culture, and expression with our Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Sciences subjects

Step into a realm of innovation and enquiry at our Faculty of Sciences. Here, we decode the language of the universe, relentlessly seek to uncover today's biggest mysteries and shape the future, one groundbreaking discovery at a time.

Social Sciences subjects

Join our Faculty of Social Sciences as they explore pressing contemporary issues on their mission to enact positive social change.

Cross-faculty subjects

Explore your passion outside the boundaries of convention. Our cross-faculty subjects take our interdisciplinary way of working to another level, combining passion and knowledge from all corners of our university to unlock new possibilities.